health; sport; physical; upbringing; training; rehabilitation; recreation; restoring


November 8, 2018 on the basis of the Kharkov National Pedagogical University. The 11th International Scientific Conference "Health-saving Technologies, Rehabilitation and Recreation", dedicated to the memory of Professor V.P. Zaitsev. The conference has been held since 2008, but on the basis of Kh.P. Pans it was carried out for the first time.

Every year more than 100 people from various universities of Ukraine, Poland and Russia take part in this conference. 2018 was no exception. The conference was attended by 123 representatives of Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Romania. Representatives from the Kharkov National Pedagogical University, Kharkov State Academy of Physical Culture, National Technical University "Kharkov Polytechnic Institute", V.N. Kharkov National University. Karazin and others.
At the conference, new technologies for restoring the work of the musculoskeletal system with the help of modern rehabilitation systems were presented; scientific research on the training of highly qualified athletes, including athletes with disabilities; methods of training young athletes; means and methods of injury prevention. This conference was distinguished by a combination of reports of different orientations on the contingent of subjects (adults and young athletes, Olympians and Paralympians), on sports (athletics, rugby, Go, climbing, volleyball, etc.), on the target orientation (recreational, training, rehabilitation ), on a professional orientation (medicine, sport, physical education) and on a scientific degree of speakers (bachelor, undergraduates, candidates and doctors of science). This created the impression of diversity and the possibility of obtaining a “live” experience about scientific work in these areas.
At the plenary session, the opening of the conference was held by the Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Ph.D., Associate Professor V.A. The peddler, who congratulated the participants on the beginning of the conference, wished fruitful work. A welcoming speech was made by the head of the scientific department of Kh.P. Pans, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor N.A. Trubchaninov. He noted the importance of science in the modern world, stressed that at present science rests on enthusiasts who, sparing neither time nor energy, are developing new technologies, scientifically substantiate their effectiveness. ON. Trubchaninov also noted the rise of science in the field of physical education and sport at the university, noted the high scientific achievements of the Department of Olympic and Professional Sport and Sports Games, successful management of scientific work, including the scientific themes of the MES of Ukraine, from the head of the Department of Olympic and Professional Sports, Professor, Doctor of Science in Physical Education and Sport Zh.L. Kozina, which is expressed in the presence of a large number of developments, patents, copyright certificates, publications in modern world-class publications.
Then came the head of the department of Olympic and professional sports and sports games, Ph.D. in physical education and sports J.L. Kozina with a story about Professor V.P. Zaitsev, to whom this conference is dedicated. J.L. Kozina noted that V.P. Zaitsev was one of the founders of this conference. By profession cardiologist, V.P. Zaitsev was the head of the rehabilitation department of the Kharkov State Academy of Physical Culture. He also worked at the Belgorod Technological University named after VG Shukhov. By virtue of his sociability, professionalism and dedication, he was a link between representatives of various specialties (medicine, physical education and sports, biology, pedagogy, etc.), representatives of different countries (Ukraine, Russia, Poland, etc.), different universities and departments. After his premature departure in 2015, the Department of Olympic and Professional Sport and Sports Games of the Kharkiv National Pedagogical University named after G.S. Frying pans.
Then the plenary session was devoted to scientific reports. The first scientific report on the field of athletics for 20 years, the ability to predict individual success, adjusting training loads based on strong psyche physiological side. The report showed that the scientific approach to building the training process helped the author - an elite athlete - to become a winner of the World Championship and Paralympic Games in 2016 among athletes with visual impairments.
The next speaker was D.V. Safronew, head of the department in the clinic Alef, Kharkov, doctor of the highest category in the field of traumatic injuries, restorative medicine, candidate of medical sciences, assistant professor of surgical diseases and topographic anatomy of KhNU V.N. Karazin, instructor of the Neurac methodology and Redcord systems. Theme of the report D.V. Safronova - "The neurac technique - the use of neuromuscular activation in modern restorative medicine." D.V. Safronov spoke about the unique method of Neurac and the Redcord systems that appeared relatively recently, but when used correctly, they give surprising results on the restoration of disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The speaker demonstrated with the help of video materials and photographs that with the correct identification of the “weak” link in the musculoskeletal system and the implementation of appropriate measures related to the use of unstable support of various body segments, it is possible to achieve sustainable positive results in the restoration of motor functions in a relatively short time. The high scientific level of the report was also supported by a deep analysis of this problem in the modern world scientific literature. The report by A.V. was also devoted to the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system. Markov, chief physician of the Alef clinic, a higher category physician with a specialization in “neurosurgery, restorative medicine”, candidate of medical sciences: “Possibilities of traction therapy in the treatment of vertebrogenic pain syndrome”. The scientist spoke about the possibilities of applying the method of traction therapy, that is, stretching, to restore the functions of the spine. The report provided an in-depth analysis of modern scientific literature presented in leading world-class publications; the technique itself was demonstrated. The speaker described in detail the precautionary methods of using this technology, as well as the results of applying this technique. Special attention was paid to the use of traction therapy for children, athletes, middle-aged and elderly people. The next speaker, a 6-year undergraduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of Kh.P. Pans, V.E. Kalinichenko, spoke about the effectiveness of music in the training process of rugby players aged 16-17. The topic of the report is “Influencing zasusouvannya muzichesky suprovoda in the trenuvalnuyu process on the parenthood that psychophysical demonstrators reggist 16-17 rokiv.” The speaker elaborated on the relationship of mental and physiological processes in the body, in particular, mental and physical endurance. This served as the basis for the use of music in the training of young rugby players, which proved effective for the development of a special performance of athletes. The report caused a discussion and questions related to the peculiarities of the use of musical accompaniment in the training of young rugby players. The report by S.V. Kozina, 5th year undergraduate student of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, KhNPU named after G.S. Pans: "Causes and prevention of injury in climbing." The report presented drawings and copyright videos showing the causes of injuries of the upper limbs among climbers. The speaker cited data from modern literature presented in the leading scientific journals of the World concerning climbing injuries, elaborated on the anatomical structure of the finger joints, elbow and shoulder joints, explained the biomechanical and physiological causes of injury to climbers. Particular attention from the participants of the conference was caused by copyright videos illustrating the causes of injuries associated with the technique of performing various movements, and exercises aimed at strengthening the muscular-ligamentous apparatus to prevent injuries. The report of the 6th year undergraduate of the KNPU Faculty of Physical Education and Sport was relatively unusual. .WITH. Pans E.O. Abrosimov, chairman of the Kharkiv region Federation for the Go game. The report was devoted to the intellectual game: "The combination of the game of Go and physical exercises as a factor in the development of cognitive and neurodynamic functions of children of six years." The speaker uncovered the ancient origins of the Go game, its importance for the education of children of emperors and aristocracy in ancient China; He showed modern scientific directions of research on the laws of the Go game, their application in medicine, biology, and in the creation of artificial intelligence. The experimental part of the work was devoted to substantiating the effectiveness of the use of the Go game for the diversified development of children 6 years old. The final presentation at the plenary session was the report of the 6th year graduate student of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of Kh.P. Pans Ya.A. Goloborodko "Methodology of coordinating (shvidko) drabini in the training process of young volleyball". The speaker spoke about the method of using the coordination ladder in combination with the implementation of volleyball techniques in the training process of young volleyball players. The report was widely equipped with animation and illustrations for disclosing the essence of the applied methodology. The positive impact of this technique on the level of technical readiness and psycho-physiological indicators of young athletes was shown. In conclusion, the conference summed up, the participants were awarded certificates and diplomas. According to the majority of participants, the conference was held at a high scientific and methodological level, the participants received a lot of new interesting information, professional communication experience.