Features of the physical condition of women of the first period of adulthood

K.I. Pіrogova, O.S. Mykytchyk, O.V. Martyniuk


The aim: to establish the features of the physical condition of women of the first period of adulthood.

Material and methods. Participants. This study involved 60 women of the first period of adulthood. The women were divided into 2 groups. The average age of women in the control group was 29.87 years (n = 30), experimental - 30.57 years (n = 30). All of them were engaged in aqua fitness in Dnipro on the basis of the fitness center Sport life. All study participants gave written consent to participate in the study. Organization of the study. The research was conducted on the basis of the Sport life fitness center. Medical and biological testing was performed under the supervision of a fitness center doctor.

Results. In each group, 56.67% of women with normal body weight and an average risk of comorbidities were identified. The number of women with grade I-II obesity was 26.7-33.3%. The number of women with normosthenic body type 66.68-83.33%. with asthenic - 10-20% and 6.67-13.32% - with hypertensive. 83.33-90% of women in terms of proportional breast size correspond to the level of participants in beauty contests; 40-43.33% require an individual increase in the total volume of the girth of the shoulder; 49.6-53.33% of women need a comprehensive  increase in muscle tissue with a decrease in adipose tissue. The percentage of excess fat in women ranges from 2.06 ± 0.69% to 1.87 ± 0.64%. Correspondence of indicators of vital capacity of lungs to proper was found in 3,33% of women of experimental group and in 13,33% of control.

Conclusions. The use of a differentiated approach to aqua fitness with women of the first period of adulthood will not only improve the above indicators, but also the level of somatic (physical) health of women, indicators of the functionality of the cardio-respiratory system and resistance to hypoxia.


comprehensive indicators; degree of obesity; level of physical health

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.34142/HSR.2020.06.02.07

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