Differences influence of drill, small sided games, and combination methods of two method skills on football players on beginners

Bintang Adi Prasetya, Muchsin Doewes, Slamet Riyadi


The aim of this study was to determine and test whether or not there were differences in the effect of the drill method, small sided games, and the combination of the two methods on soccer playing skills of young athletes.

Material and methods. This research method used in the form of experimental research with a quantitative approach method in which researchers will work with numbers as a manifestation of the observed symptoms. In this study, researchers used treatment with the application of drill methods, small sided games and a combination of two methods. So this experimental research design uses a 3 x 2 factorial design. Factorial experiments are experiments that almost or all levels of a factor are combined or crossed with all the levels of each of the other factors that are in the experiment. The research design used in this study is "Two Groups Pretest-Posttest Design". The population in this study were students of PSB Bonansa UNS Surakarta, amounting to 95 people. Sampling uses a purposive sampling technique that is included in the probability sampling. Data collection techniques in this study by making research designs, conducting research, making research reports Data analysis techniques used in this study using SPSS 24, namely two-way Variant Analysis (ANAVA) at a significance level = 0.05.

Results. The results of this study are that there are differences in the effect of the drill method, small sided games, and the combination of the two methods on soccer playing skills in the beginner athlete PSB Bonansa UNS Surakarta. Research subjects who did exercises before and after using drill methods, small sided games, and combinations had improved soccer playing skills.

Conclusions. In the 9-10 years age group, drill increased by 0.39, small sided games increased by 0.13, and for combination there was an increase of 0.58. In the 11-12 year age group there was an increase of 0.43 (drill), 0.65 (small sided games) and 0.94 in the combination method.


Drill; Small Sided Games; Combination Method; Football

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.34142/HSR.2020.06.02.01

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