Identify patterns of individual dynamics of competitive performance of athletes as a basis for predicting results (qualified basketball players for example)

Z.L. Kozina, S.A. Gushchin, D.V. Safronov, S.B. Khrapov, Yu.K. Vasilyev


The aim of the work wos to develop an algorithm and determine the patterns of the individual dynamics of the competitive performance of qualified basketball players.

Material and methods. The study involved the players of the main composition of the men's basketball team of Ukraine. It was analyzed 12 games of the national team of Ukraine in games with equal rivals - teams of other countries. The research was conducted from June 2018 to September 2018. Technical logging of games, which was carried out using a modified formula of Yu.M. Portnov. Mathematical modeling was used to describe the patterns of individual dynamics of competitive performance using sinusoidal regression models.

Results. The process of changing competitive performance should be considered in terms of oscillatory processes. The most acceptable function to describe this pattern is the sinusoidal function. The regression model of the individual dynamics of the effectiveness of competitive activity of the players of the Ukrainian basketball national team obeys a sinusoidal relationship, which is described by the sinusoidal regression equation.

Conclusions. The data obtained may be useful for predicting the individual game performance of athletes, determining the individual characteristics of players and adjusting training programs


basketball; dynamics; game; effectiveness; function; sinewave; individualization

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